Due to heavy spamming this development is still underway but hopefully it will be in place as planned with a full complement of products available for on-line payment once the cataloging is complete. The system has been hard hit as a result of fraudulent emails as well as viruses which beat our anti-virus system 6 times since the Summer of 2009.  Trust me the spammers will not be re-vamping my websites. I am anti malware. I would love to send it back to where it came from including the malicious correspondences. These people need correctional programmes. Foremostly to learn respect for others.

In the interim interested customers are advised that our products are all available via mail order from 

www.bhaletavisiblearts.com & Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts Market Stall dates as announced on the front of our websites. Or via the product button online in short..our full range is being collated for online catalogs.

Contact details as above. 4/26/2014.


Lesson: a girl cannot have too many websites

yes..you can follow me on both of my facebooks...it's annoying when the law requires you to register variations on your business names because technology does not like T/A..etc...the software cannot handle the law

no doubt it was written by men who do not speak to one another..

which is why this girl is a writer/artist/animator/filmmaker/webdesigner & system manager/administrator with a vengence..


you can also purchase a selection of my animated download greeting micro films via Visible Arts Ltd retail at http://visibleartsltd.com/cgi-bin/online/storepro.php